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    Default loss of firemans child

    On thursday,my asst. chief and best friend's son ranout in front of a car and was struck and killed. All the help and support that could be got, was given to the little one. David was four years old. He was also my godson. he has one younger brother and one older sister. the family is devistated now but with prayers and support of friends they will survive. I'm asking all fellow firefighters and friends to keep the Greg Tiska family in their prayers. GOD has a little angel by his side now. thanks for listening. STAY SAFE AND HUG YOUR CHILDREN TONIGHT>


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    Will keep the family and you lifted up in prayer. We truly do mourn with those that mourn. As the father of an eight year old daughter I can only imagine the pain. God bless you for your concern. Do you know where I can send a sympathy card to the family?

    Chaplain Jeff Turkel
    North Star Volunteer Fire Department
    North Pole, Alaska

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