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    Post Prayer for a young father

    A young man in his late 20's father of four was seriously injured in a accident Friday. A boat dock he was working on collapsed and pinned him by the neck. He has several crushed vertebrae and they feel there is going to be some parallysis, how much is not known yet. This family lost a younger brother in a MVA two years ago and they are taking this very hard. Please pray for his recovery and strength and hope for the rest of his family.

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    Dear Bus Master,
    that man and his family will surely be in our prayers. Accidents , no matter how large or small never occur when we are prepared it seems. Especially when injuries are involved it makes it all the worse.
    But God has a way of healing things faster and deeper than we can imagine. That man and his family are well covered in prayers you can be sure.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Because HE lives I can face tomorrow

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    Will do!!!!! At times all we can do is pray - it's the least we can do for each other, as well as one of the best things we can do for each other. God bless you all as you serve.


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    Just a update: I spoke to the young mans father yesterday and he said the news on his son was not good. They put in a tracheaotomy to help him breathe easier, he has some tingling in his left hand but nothing else from the lower chest down. They are considering sending him to Colorado to a special rehab facility that does wonders for disabled people. Please continue to remember Shane in your prayers.

    As always in His Love, Byron

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