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    Post Infant Fatality

    Today, my department, the North Star VFD in North Pole, Alaska responded to a call of a six month old infant nor breathing, CPR in progress.(apparently there was a pre-existing condition and this was expected)> This was the second response in three weeks where a child died(last one a two year old asmatic went into full arrest-crews revived the child but he died three days later). A few of the department members were on both. Please lift them up in your prayers. And while your at it, I could use a touch of wisdom!
    God bless you all as you serve.


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    No loss is easy to take, but those involving children are so much harder. These will probably stay with them for the rest of their lives. The only thing that you can really do for them is to support them, and keep reminding them that it is not their fault; they did all that they could. Remind them of all the good that they have been able to do in the past, and that people will still need them in the future. Don't let them give up!

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    Here's my thoughts.

    We were called into this sport b/c God knows we A: can do it and B: to help survivors adjust. Our job is to go do what we were trained to do and in doing that the
    family is given time to prepare for the outcome. The child was a blessing for those who knew and loved teh child. At the time, the family was not prepared to say goodbye to their child. Not that it was any easier at whatever time the doc's called it, but they sure as heck weren't ready when
    it happened. That's why EMS/FD was called. That's why the parents wanted all the stuff done. She wasn't ready to accept the fact that something went TERRIBLY wrong. I hope, as a parent, I'm never in that position.

    As responders, we give the family time to prepare for the eventual outcome. We win some, and we lose some. That's part of the job.

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    Stay safe.

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    Itīs allways a heart breaking when a child or a infant dies no matter how hard you try to save the childs or infants life.It must be a very hard times on the parents to know that there only child died.My thoughts are whith the parents and to the responding squad.I know how they are feeling I lost one person that meant a lot to me when I was young.

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