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    Question CISD...inhouse or outside source?

    I've been researching Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for my department. As of now we call up an outside source to come in and handle the debriefing and an on staff member is to handle things after that, such as offering more assistance if needed. My question is this the way to go or should the debriefing be handled by someone the members know?

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    BOTH!!!! I think it is vital that if an outside team is used that there is a familiar face on the team, one department members know and trust. the flip side of this is sometimes members will open up to someone that they do not know as opposed to one they do know. follow up by someone in the department affected is also vital. Hope this helps. Appreciate the post - it should bring up some good discussion/ideas.


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    I think it should be from outside. Everybody on our Dept. will probably be in need of C.I.S.D. themselves. In our area we are comfortable with many people from other departments due to multi-dept. training, fire classes, continuing ed classes ect. I don't think it would work well with total strangers though. Good or bad, just my thoughts.

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    I agree, both.

    The team should never include members who were stressed by the incident. If there are other local members who are trained in CISD and able to work with the debriefing team, that is ideal.

    Another thought ... if your department is at all active, the need for CISD's will not be especially rare, for your dept, or for your neighbors. Your personnel will get to know some of the CISD team members who have been there before. Our people already know some from regional fire schools.

    Furthermore, your dept. should encourage some of your personnel to join the local team, particularly the members you had in mind for doing the debriefing locally. Encourage them, get them trained, and support their work. It is another form of mutual aid.

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