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    My Mother who is in her 80"s was doing fine till this last month. She has suddenly gone down hill and is not the same person we have known. Its so hard to see her this way, it just breaks my heart to little pieces. My two sisters and I are doing everthing possible to comfort and put her at ease, and I can see the strain on all of us. Someone once told me that your parents can become like one of your children, they were right. To see her, the one that raised us, comforted,assured,taught,fed, and cared for us, now in a totaly dependant state, makes you reach out to others and really deep in your soul to find the strength to carry on. I pray the Lord will spare her from more agony, my Mother says don't cry and be sad if I die, cause it will be very good, I'll be Home in Heaven. I can't help it feel that the Lord is preparing us for that time. I think he is giving us time to let go and let God----. Thankyou for letting me spill my sorrows, Because He Lives, I can face tommorrow- The Bus-Master

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    Thanks for sharing my friend. We will certainly keep you and your family lifted up in prayer. Your burdens are ours and the Lord's to share in.
    Letting go is not easy, but the glorious news is your mother will be going home to her reward. The one thing I do truly know is that what ever I am going through that the Lord is with me and when I am truly weak, he is truly strong.
    Also, I must remember it is not letting go, it is letting God.
    Hang in there my friend. If I can do anything let me know.

    God bless,


    "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path.

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