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    Question "Mitchell" Model For CISD

    I just got back from a really good CISM class. Was wondering if any uses anything other than the "Mitchell" model for CISD'S. I do know the FBI uses their own model.

    God bless you all as you serve.


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    I too have just taken the "CISM" training in southern Ohio. I was not as pleased as you. I felt like I did not learn much from our two day class. I have been told that the class that "Mitchell" puts on is great. I wish mine was better, we have a need for a good team

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    I would be surprised if the FBI's CISM strategy is all that different from the "Mitchell" model. Dr. Jeff Mitchell was really the pioneer in the field of Critical Incident Stress and CISD. I took the CISM course that Dr. Mitchell taught at the Federation of Fire Chaplains Conference in New Orleans several years ago. It was really impressive!! Everybody I know of that has a CISM strategy uses Dr. Mitchell's model.

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    There are about 3 or 4 others used around the country. Mitchell has been around for a lonf time thus he has the largest market. The Mitchell Model has been working in Virginia for over 12 years and we do very well with it.

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    Default Cisd

    If you do a search on the internet about CISD and Debriefing. You will find that THe mitchell method of doing debriefing after a traumatic event, is flawed and should not be used. Everyone from the US military, American Red Cross, and the American Psychiatric society are totally against debriefing, saying it causes more harm than good.

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    Default Iraq

    Not much was offered for those who conduct vehicle wash downs after IED and EFP events. One engine light rescue for operations at night and maybe the tanker.
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