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    Question New to the board

    I am not a chaplain on the Department but am on a county CISD team in Michigan. I have been checking in for a while but felt like I was cheating not being a chaplain. I'm checking to see if I may be able to contribute somewhere on this board don't want to step on toes

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    We need & value YOUR input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chaplain Jeff Turkel
    North Star VFD
    North Pole, Alaska

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    I'm not a chaplain but I run our fire departments bible study group. Like to keep up on whats going on & looking for some good advice on running a men's bible study.

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    Welcome aboard. I too am not a Chaplain, but I am a CISM Team Leader and consultant. Plenty of room here at the Inn!!

    Keep it safe. Be well

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