Not sure of the history here only been online since just before Christmas. Was wondering if anyone has had any major incidents that they did something a little differant. Our group is always trying to improve and look at innovative things to help. Our team does follow the Mitchell model but we have done some other things.

Example: We were involved in the Comair crash of Flight 3272 in January 97. We found that the amount of time on scene started playing on families along with the change in responders. Our director along with a nurse who is on the team with her husband met with the wifes and explained things that we had been taught in our class and what to expect and watchout for. We also, myself and a child counsler on the team met with the children ages 5 to 16 and discussed the isues they had. Very eye opening. Went very well. Families seem to be the forgotten ones in the whole picture.

Willing to discuss generalities but not confidential stuff.

Anyone else have things that worked or didn't. Like to learn from good examples even bad can be made better if we learn from them