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    Question Chaplains & day to day operations

    At my department Chaplains are more than just for funerals and firehouse dedications. We respond to fire scenes (full turn out gear, but do not participate in fire suppression operations) and work with the I/C to coordinate Red Cross and Salvation Army response, as well as monitor the FF's working the scene. I'm interested in knowing how other departments utilize their Chaplains

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    I serve as chaplain to City of Lawrence Fire Department in an old mill city with many 3 story wood frames which is located 30 miles north of Boston. I'm sure we are small in comparision to Detroit I'm sure(5engines 2 trucks, 1 Rescue Deputy) but very busy almost 11,000 runs a year. As you do, I'm paged/called on all 2nd alarms, MVAs with jaws/medflight, confirmed water/ice rescues, technical/confirned space rescues and anything else I choose to and am available to respond to. Full turnout gear, radios portable as well as vehicle communications are provided. This is in addition to my parish responsibilities as well. Much of the work on the fire ground is to provide whatever assistance I can render to victims or ffs. Liasion which all agencies that respond to provide support.

    Hope this helps.
    All the best

    Fr. Jim Seymour
    Chaplain Lawrence Fire


    "Somewhere-Everyday, We Fight For Life..."
    I.A.F.F. Memorial

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