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    Unhappy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    Why no forum for members suffering from Post
    Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? I see plenty of stuff about C.I.S.D., but, what
    about the folks that the debriefings (if even
    offered) don't touch, or come up w/later in there careers?

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    Good point seeing how there are many of us that have stuggled with PTSD/effects of the job If you want to post about PTSD feel free to do it here-we'll listen, help, and share. Soem of us(me included) have experienced this ourselves and truly understand and care.
    Best to you,

    Chaplain Jeff Turkel
    North Star VFD
    North Pole, Alaska

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    I think PTSD is a big issue in the FD and emergency services. My biggest concern is the small volunteer departments that do not have any type of CISD, much less PTSD awareness or informational training. The problem is that the fire service is still seen as a "macho" job and people who are experiencing it are reluctant to come forward and be seen as weak. I believe a lot of burn out is directly related to PTSD and its related symptoms such as depression, insomnia, nightmares, etc., etc. There needs to be a movement in this field to make PTSD awareness a priority so that those who are struggling with it can find the means and encouragement to seek treatment and start feeling like themselves again.

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    Fireflyer - you hit the nail on the head. Too often there are aspects of Firefighting that simply get dismissed as "part of the job" so proper follow up isn't offered (or if offered, not received because of the "macho factor").

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    Thanks 4 da replies, all of u have made good points, but what really sucks is that PTSD is nothing new. The Info. has been out for
    a # of years, but, the brass, Work-Comp's,
    & municipal Med benefits providers have & continue to keep their collective heads in the sand! $ for $, they feel it's cheaper to
    transfer, etc. these literal time bombs, then give the help that is really needed. It's the same leaderless Dept.s that play
    Russian roulette w/manning, poor or no SOGs, faulty Equip., no Officer training (Promotion by pulse syndrome), don't follow
    OSHA (2in-2out), NFPA standards,have RIT/FAST
    Teams, accountability, safety officers etc.
    I think that you may know or work w/these types of idiots (Chief's), who have attended the "lack of Leadership Conference (See recent H. Carter, Ph.D. article). You know,
    the one's that think ICS/IMS is a STD! The
    IAFF & NVFC leaders need to realy start push-
    ing the need for "adequate" training on CISD
    & PTSD treatment. PTSD & Dept. BS has
    ruined my career, I'll never be what I was or
    could have been in this profession, regardless of PTSD treatment & Rx's, because
    I can't survive (professionaly&Personally)in
    that kind of politically driven, gutless,
    selfish environment! Further, the physical
    injuries are debilitating & I keep bouncing thru the Medical system hoops, pits & traps
    just to feel somewhat normal. Share your
    horror stories & insight on this subject, I
    can't possibly be the only one out here in

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    Althea Forhan
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    PTSD is NOT fun. My uncle was a POW and has it pretty bad-for him he's OK as long as he DOESEN'T talk about it, but some people need to talk about it a lot. If you feel better after talking about it, don't be afraid to go to counciling. Understand that PTSD is a perfectly understandable condition and don't try to bottle it up.
    There for ya,

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