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    Smile Kids moment

    I need some ideas..... In our church service we have a kids moment when all the children come down front and have there own little sermon. Something inspirational on a kids level but also something that the adults can take with them. Does any one have any suggestions where I can tie the fire service and the lords message together.

    Thanks for your suggestions and help.
    Fireman Phil of the Show Me State

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    I have done a talk on based on Ephesians 6. This is the passage on God's Armor. I relate each piece of the armor to a particular piece of turnout gear. As I explain each piece, I put it on so that by the end of the message, the kids (and adults) get a visual of how to be suited up to take on the flaming darts of satan.

    I have used this several times with a variety of age groups from 3rd graders thru adults. Got a very positive response every time.

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    How about John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

    A fire fighter does this everyday on the job and not just for friends but for total strangers as well!
    Rick Horn

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    I have used the Firemans Prayer and also to let the kids know firemen are not god nor supermen. They wear protective clothing and the lord to keep them and who ever they maybe sent to help and protect safe.

    Firemans Prayer:

    When I answer a call, I never know what my fate may be So, as I run out the door, I ask God to watch over me No matter what I may face and the danger that awaits I Just say a little prayer 'cause in His hands lie my fate By doing this, I feel a little bit safer If you need a reason, this is what I pray for :

    I pray for my fellow firefighters and me I pray for our families
    I pray for my mom and my dad And what a wonderful life I have I pray for a safe return And that no one gets burned I pray that no matter what ill fate Our lives to take, God will wait But, if He doesn't, we shall understand Why God had to take such a brave man

    A couple of seconds is all it takes...

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