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    Default ARE WE READY

    Let me start this off.
    If a major terrorist incident; (i.e. Bio/chem) are we in the emergency services prepared to handle the initial response and its long term outcome?
    How are some units getting prepared?
    Stay safe

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    I live on the suburbs of a major east coast city and work for a Federal Fire Dept, I have attended training given by the Cities fire dept for the purpose of dealing with terrorism. It was a joke, the whole learning environment was a joke. It's like the Government is giving us this money and here is the training. Guess what, If some nut or group of nuts want to destroy something, they're going to. The training and all the $$ being spent by the US Government is nothing more than a feel safe move to show the people that "look at what we are doing to make the USA safe". Let's face it, what is your FD going to do, do you have the manpower, equipment & resources to handle it? No. The fire service keeps raising our hands and saying we can do this, that and everything. We can't, short on manpower, $$ and resources but when someone waves $$ and sayes look a special program, we cannot wait to join in. When the $$ well runs dry, interest moves onto someother HOT topic, here we are left holding another job and responsiblity without a clue of how we got here. Sorry to be so negative but, look at the Base you work at, are you truly prepared, I would say no, and guess what, if you're not prepared what makes you think that Joe Civilians town is?

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    i would have to say that no dept is truly ready, there are to many things that could happen from bombs, to bio/chem, to nuclear. no one can be prepared for everything. and i believe that no dept in the USA, no matter how much man power, no matter how much money, will be able to handle a situation with that kind of potential magnitude. they may be able to assist in some manner, but its going to one bad day, week, month , even year in downtown thats for sure.

    the tick

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    I have a personal gripe about this so-called terrorism training! All of the federal funding that I have located to date is set aside for FD training in urban areas only. What makes the government so absolutely sure that this is where terrorists plan to attack first? Not that I believe everything I see or hear, but has anyone ever watched the movie "Red Dawn"???? Why not take over isolated areas first & then bring in more support to take on the "urban areas"? Just my personal opinion.....

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