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    For those going to the Oklahoma City National Memorial services in April, here is some additional information about a terrorism conference to be held there April 17-19:

    The causes and effects of terrorism will be the first international conference of its kind in the new millennium sponsored by the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism and the Rand Corporation.

    Representatives from the academic community, the FBI and Scotland Yard will gather in Oklahoma City April 17-19. The symposium begins a week long of Dedication activities for the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

    The goal of the three-day conference will assess developments in terrorism over the past two decades, map future directions and make policy recommendations for prevention and consequence management.

    “Twenty years ago, the Rand Corporation took the lead in studying terrorism with their sponsorship of an international conference in 1980,” said Don Ferrell, who serves as the Chairman of the Institute. “We hope to attract many of the representatives who participated in Rand’s first effort, twenty years ago. We ask them to join us as we reflect on past experiences and expand our study. Through this effort, we hope to help those who teach about the political and social ramifications of terrorist acts, as well as those in government and the private sector who must deal with security issues and consequence management on a day to day basis.”

    Ambassador Prudence Bushnell of Guatemala will be the keynote speaker for the closing luncheon on April 19. Bushnell was the Ambassador to Kenya at the time of the bombing of its Nairobi, Kenya Embassy.

    Seating is limited and advance reservations are recommended. The symposium will be held in the Myriad Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City, just a few blocks from the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

    Registration information is available from the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism by calling (405) 232-5121 or register on line at [url[/url]

    The Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism is the third component of the Oklahoma City National Memorial. The symbolic Memorial will be dedicated on April 19, 2000 and the Memorial Center museum will open in November later this year.

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    I have to agree that the need for WMD training is there... I was lucky enough to participate with my HazMat team at an exercise this past September that involved everyone from our local authorities, right on up to the federal guys. It was definately a unique experience and it helped us to understand how things work as they progress through the chain from local to state and so on... if anyone knows of any good trainings coming up PLEASE let me know!!


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    I don't know what's available in your area, but several DMAT teams around the country also have a branch called NMRT-WMD. They are set for mass-decon and treatment of NBC terrorist acts. As someone said earlier, they have about a four hour deployment time.I can give you Colorado's NMRT web site. It has some good links you might be able to use. I know that's a long web address, but it might be worth the typing for you if you can get any useful info.

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