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    Angry Terrorism and Y2K... Hype or Hysteria

    Did you have crews on a fruitless stand-by?
    Did ANYONE experience any potential or valid threats of terrorism?

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    Yes, my entire county (volunteer) had to have each station manned with at least one engine and one medic crew. I spent the New Year holiday playing Scruples with a bunch of folks. My wife (who is also in the service) was less than thrilled.
    As for valid threats, I have been involved in the anti-terrorism arena for about three years. I have never heard so much hype in my life!! To date, I have heard of no valid threats, other thatn those widely publicized by the media. I feel that it was a good wake-up call for the public; it kept them aware of what COULD happen should a terrorist strike. I wish we could have this kind of vigilance all of the time, since it could happen whenever the terrorists want it to. Just keep an eye out on April. It is the month where THE most terrorist activities have happened in the US, including OK City and Waco (that is both religious fanaticism and terrorism).
    I hope it doesn't happen again, but we in the protective services have to take it as a given. If you need additional training materials or anything, please e-mail me, I have quite a bit of info that you can use to wake up your providers, and the public!!

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