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    KPOLE 1602 Guest

    Post Terrorism trn.

    A few years ago I took a terrorism intro. type class through my states Dept. of Emerg. Services. I plan to take the VIP TERRORISM class at the N.F.A. soon. Does anyone know of any other groups that offer terrorism training and what would be the costs associated with the training. Due to the limited budget that my dept. has it is hard for them to send members to specialized training that have large fees assoc. with them.


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    emsbrando Guest


    Check with your local Department of Health Division of EMS, or your State Office of Emergency Management.

    Also try FEMA, and and your local Department of Public Safety (State Troopers).

    We have programs here in Texas for Terrorism Response and they are free since they are done on a Federal Grant through one of those agencies.

    Ed Brando

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    JOE RADICH Guest

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    I went to some anti-terrorism training out in Nevada this past year. Excellent Schools! There are 3 schools offered by Bechtel Nevada this is the company who runs the Nevada Test Site (where they detonate atomic bombs)The people you want to call are Marcee Raymer at (702)295-9707 or Elsia Gorden at (702) 295-8777 These schools are totally FREE!! They are sponsored by the Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Justice. give them a call and they will send you all the info you need

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    KPOLE 1602 Guest


    Thanks for the info. I will get up with them and check on the classes.


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    hazmater Guest



    The US Dept of Justice has grant money available to defer the costs of WMD training at several of their sponsored schools. Ft. McClellan in Alabama has a great 40 hr. course in Chemical Agent response. Louisanna State U. covers the Bioilogical side of the house. New Mexico State U. covers the explosive dissemination devices involved with WMD. Our team attends the above stated schools. I highly reccommend any or all of the classes. As stated by Joe R. Nevada has an excellent school also.

    Good luck.

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