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    Question Protocols and Guidelines

    Ok, so has anyone's dept come up with protocols for treatment of NBC emergencies? or SOG's for dealing with them? How about training issues? My dept really hasn't, but there are a couple of us with some training in the area and want to start at least some basic training and readiness drills considering we have 2 large military bases here.

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    I Personnaly don't think any of us are "Prepared" to fully deal with Terrorism Incidents....Nightly As I eat Dinner with my wife and son I watch the World News and see Terrorisim going on in other countries and often stop and wonder how the various agencies on the scene deal with such stupid violence .... There are Drills and Training offered in this country on this topic and I have read a few articles here and there and if memorary serve me correctly there was a photo story submitted to FireHouse.Com from The Prince Georges County Fire Department in Maryland about a Tactical Terrorism Drill that they conducted....I Think we can train and read as much material as we want on this but until it really happens I think we'll never know....My department has an Air Force Base Located approximatley 4 miles from it { Not in our Town but Close } so that right there is something to be pre-pared for in the event some Right Wing Liberal Camel Riding Schmuck wants to blow up the area they would take out the radar...There is a plan in place but I'm sure it's so Old and probably has more dust on it then who knows what...We have had incidents in this country over the last few years including The Oklahoma City Bombing and each and every one of the Emergency Responders who turned-out that day should be commended and they handled the incident with so much professionalisim that the whole thing still brings tears to my eyes....Were they "Pre-Pared" No I don't think so....But they managed and did one hell of a Job

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