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    Robert Burke
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    Post WMD Civil Support Teams

    Recently the National Guard RAID teams underwent a name change, they are now referred to as WMD Civil Support teams. Congress has authorized an additional five teams bringing the total nationwide to 32. The teams are composed of 22 members with specialized equipment and training. They are federally funded, trained and equipped, but remain under the control of the govenor of the state in which they are located. Their mission is to support local emergency responders during a Weapons of Mass Destruction incident.

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    HAZMAT 7
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    We have a CST based near us,And have had several meetings and training sessions together. What we found is there biggest asset will be detection and communication,
    Just like our team the red tape for equipment procurement takes time

    Jason Kerr

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    Any word on what states the additional 5 will be in?

    Chuck Mankin
    Avondale VFD Chester County Sta 23
    "These views are strictly mine and do not represent the views of the Avondale Fire Co.

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    Chuck PA has a team at Ft. Indiantown Gap. How far away is that from you? The Federal Department I work for has just put the WMD detectors, along with other equipment in service for our Haz Mat team.

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    Robert Burke
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    Do not know when new teams will be in place. Recent information from the General Accounting Office indicates it has been a slow process and many of the original teams are not yet in place.

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