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    Exclamation Eco-Terrorists: New Threat

    Everyone should be aware that the Earth Liberation Front (http://earthliberationfront.com) is actively involved in the use of and promotion of ARSON as a tool to further their agenda. I would strongly suggest that you check out the website for more information.

    This group is international, so everyone should be aware of this.

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    Checked out the site. This is a group of hipicrits with no moral base. It's scary knowing how many people like this there truely are.

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    According to their "communique" they are calling for a day of action on April 19. These nutcakes are serious. I looked at their website and they are very proud of what they are doing and want to do in the future.

    Be careful out there brother and sisters, they are not the only ones that want to hurt us first responders.

    Ed Brando

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