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    Just a quick bit of input on this topic:

    A number of agencies have addressed this problem, and we have seen a few isolated reports on contamination in the runoff from mass decon. As stated previously, the EPA has provided a letter to the Soldier Biological and Chemical Command (US Army) regarding this issue (go to the SBCCOM website and check it out). As for individual molecules multiplying, etc., it is possible, but extremely unlikely. In an urban setting, the runoff can be channeled to the sanitary sewer system, where it will eventually be treated with chlorine (which will kill almost everything except a nuclear material given the time of exposure). I have seen plans for cities on the east coast to chase their runoff with a bleach solution to the order of 1000 gallons. I would have to say that the issue has been addressed there, and it is spreading through the country. Is it the ultimate answer? Guess we will start finding out, unfortunately.
    Just some general thoughts.

    Stay safe out there!!
    Todd Dousa
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    Rburke, you are absolutely correct with your statement that "usually" bioterrorism attacks will be known after the fact. However, the terms "usually" and "most" are used very regulary and can be disasterous. Also the biggest threat we have is the fact that those of us depts. that are in the close suburbs to NYC, sit on the the 3 major commuter railroad systems. In the event of an attack many people may flood trains and head home whether they know if something happened or not, and if they begin to show symptoms on the train, low and behold we have mass decon needs. Lets not forget also, that FEMA has estimated for quite some time that in the event of certain biological/chemical attacks, that they predict 50% of first responders will become victims themselves.

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