Below is a letter that I have sent out to my Governor, Senator, and Tom Ridge (Director of the Homeland security agency)


With the inception of a Homeland Security Agency and the appointment of Tom Ridge as the Director, it is time for our government to implement plans to outfit our Emergency Services with the proper knowledge and equipment to successfully respond to future acts of terrorism. As this new threat of violence reigns down upon us, a new front line soldier has been created. The Emergency Service Professionals were the first casualties of this new war waged upon the world community on September 11th. For most of us, the complacency prior to the attacks, were all too commonplace. Had we been more prepared, the death toll might have been significantly lower.
Budget constraints have restricted and prohibited the Emergency Services sector from properly carrying out our mission. Monitoring devices, protective personal equipment, training for weapons of mass destruction, first responder training to terrorism, and manpower issues, (just to mention a few) dangerously lack in our responding organizations. Planning, response, education, and practice, are all key elements needed to fully understand, mitigate, and recover, from an act of terrorism. We, as a country, fully appreciate and respect the security our Military tenders, but we have entered another chapter of history that mandates sacrifices of our Emergency Services. We are told to return to normalcy, to go about or lives, see a football or baseball game, however, we, as first responders, find this hard to swallow. If a chemical or biological attack were to take place, we will find ourselves ill-prepared across the board. We implore our nations' government to train and fund our First Responders so that we may carry out our responsibilities and continuing tasks that we are destined to fulfill.null