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    Post Washington Pass $1Billion Terrorism Bill

    Washington to Pass $1Billion Terrorism Bill to give state and local governments more money for training on terrorism. How many want to bet this money does not get to the true volunteer ems and fire departments that will be responding to these incidents before it is determined it is a terror threat or incident. As always the money will either only go to the metro-full time professional fire departments or state officials. I do admit metro departments need the training and money too but lets remember most of the USA is volunteer departments. What does everyone else think on this am I completely off base here or what?

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    I think that you are somewhat right, that the volunteer depts. do need money to help them prepare for terrorism. But lets remember that, for the most part, a terrorist is going to be going after a big city due to the number of people and the attraction that the event will cause. These big cities are typically staffed by full time departments that are doing some sort of training and storing terrorism response type stuff. I know that my ambulance service just purchased a new truck that is built like a UPS truck for a response to MCIs. We also have a trailer and a suburban. Once again, these are items that we train with and are ready for.
    Hope this helps!

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    But who will be called to respond when the large metro areas staffs are exhausted.
    WE are 60 miles from spokane wa and 50 miles from a major air base. A little training would be a great asset.
    Be Safe Out there.

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    What kind of training are you looking for? The response to a terrorist act in a rural dept would be slow. Are there any Haz-Mat Tech's in your Dept? E-mail me maybe I could steer you in the right Direction. I am not a saleman or anything like that. I work for the 101st WMD CST in the state of Idaho. james.cook@id.ngb.army.mil
    Stay Safe/Stay Low Go 8 Car Go

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    Default Re: Washington Pass $1Billion Terrorism Bill

    Originally posted by EMTPEZ
    but lets remember most of the USA is volunteer departments. What does everyone else think on this am I completely off base here or what?
    Amen to that. I saw on this website last week the notice that the President is authorizing monies in the new budget to be handed down for training, equipment and such. While I do not doubt his good intentions I am sure that a lot of the funds will never see a local department directly.
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