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    Lightbulb Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Hi! Hy name is Jen, and I am a volunteer firefighter with Farmington Fire Dept, in Farmington, NY. We are looking for fundraising ideas for the purchase of 2 thermal imaging cameras. Anyone that has done this, please e-mail me and let me know what you did! Please e-mail me at: babymedic1@yahoo.com OR jennie_finch@urmc.rochester.edu.
    Thank you in advance!
    Jennie S. Finch, EMT-D

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    Contact your nearest rep for each brand. I am almost posotive that MSA has a special fundraising kit that they offer to places that need to gain funds for purchase. Ask your distributors what kind of assistance each manufacturer offers if any.

    Also look towards your area businesses for donations. Corporations that can get a plug in the news for helping the community are abundant.

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    I don't know how large your dept is, but each company in mine (Port Jefferson, NY) holds a dinner or two a year:

    Co.'s 1 and 5 hold Steak Nights
    2 holds an outdoor Beefeaters and then a Cluck and Claw
    3 holds an Octoberfest
    4 doesn't hold a dinner, they do a golf outing -- talk about work and money!!
    The Juniors hold a turkey raffle, car washes, and have sold fire-Christmas ornaments.

    We charge $25 a head for the dinners (the meeting room area holds 180 by law -- we occasionally exceed that) and usually make a couple thousand. The outdoor dinners make more since they aren't limited as far as space.

    Across Long Island I've seen plant and pumpkin sales, comedy nights, spaghetti dinners, car washes, 50-50's, flea markets and craft sales, mini-fire buff shows and carnivals (a lot of work there). Some even go as far as to hold seminars (have FDNY officers speak) and they serve breakfast or lunch.

    Hope this helps!

    Stony Brook U.-NY (MA) Political Science (Class of '00, I hope)
    UNH-CT (BS) Fire Science Administration (Class of '97)
    UNH-CT (BS) Arson Investigation (Class of '97)

    1-800-MARY-KAY -- great gifts for men and women!

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    Contact your Assemblyman, there is a ton of money available from grants each year, (pork barrel funding). Problem is it takes a little paperwork. We just added a new ISG Talisman90 with video transmitter for a total cost to our department of about $1000.

    Fortunate for us, our assemblyman is a former F/F and is currently chair of the volunteer fireman committee in the State legislature. A very good partnership for us. We used to see other departments get these funds every year while did not. When we asked why, we were told "You never asked!". So be sure to check it out. I'm sure you won't get 2, but you n\might receive enough for one. Worth a try.

    Be Safe,

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    Do you have a Walmart in your area? They generally will give something for the funding and they will post your program to help raise funds.

    Give them a call.

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    We were recently lucky to have the local Kiwanis Club take on a fund raising drive to raise funds for us. It took a lot of perseverance by the chairperson but many businesses eventually donated. One store was helpful in donating a small TV we raffled off at a pancake breakfast. I hesitate to name businesses because there were so many, that you have all heard of. The individuals in the community were also very supportive. You have to get the word out! Talk to the camera sales reps, they are familiar with what you need and will bring cameras in to meetings, shows, ETC.

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    Another Option,

    In addition to the traditional fund raising approach, there are also a number of lease options available to departments. I know of at least one manufacturer/distributor who will work with the buyer to set up a lease program.

    Pro - with a small down payment you get the unit in your hands without having to wait 6 months to a year (average fundrasing time to get the entire amount)

    Con - you will end up paying more than if you bought it out right.

    With this approach you can use the money you collect from road blocks, raffles, donations, etc. to make the monthly lease payments.

    I think the other replies touched on the majority of methods. All of the manufacturers /distributors will work with you on fund raising, if they will not, do not consider them for your business !

    Good Luck, Be Safe !

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