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    Welcome to the thermal image forum. This forum is designed to be a discussion area that helps share experiences, training materials, SOP's, funding and more. Please provide information as it relates to your department.

    This is NOT intended to be a selling point by any particular vendor but is designed to increase awareness/knowledge in the area of thermal image cameras. Let the discussion begin.


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    My department uses an Argus TIC. We had a training class in a warehouse this week. When you work in conditions were the temps are close to the same, it make it hard to move through the warehouse. We could see the people great but the stock and beams didn't show up very well. One drill had the person in front of a metal roll up door, it was hard to see the person from our angle. Even with this problem we found the person much faster then we could have without the TIC. I hope to see the day when a fire departments carry the TIC's.

    If you have found any tricks or operational problems that we can use let me know.

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