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    Post Thermal Imaging Cameras use for Water Recovery

    Has anyone had any expierience with using a thermal imaging camera for water recovery. Not to long ago we had a drowing in an river with a depth going from 8' to 20' deep. One company attempted to use the camera to locate the victim but with out sucess. I was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences if so tell me any pros,cons.

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    Hope This Will Help,

    First, it is important to realize that infrared radiation (IR) will not travel through water. Since this is the case a thermal imaging camera would not be able to see anything in or below the surface of water, if you look at a calm water surface you will actually see a reflection.

    Second, they can spot a "floater" very well, as long as the temperature of the floater is above the temperature of the water. There have been confirmed rescues where a victim was spoted 300 feet above the water by a hovering helicopter.

    Thermal imaging cameras are capable of a number of things, but seeing through water is not one of them.

    Good Luck, Be Safe

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    TI Man is right. I'm not sure if a small firefighting size imager would see it from 300' away or above as it would depend on how much body was above the surface and most floaters (the ones I've seen anyway) are just barely breaking it, but at a previous job I worked on a project putting the big TIs on helos to facilitate rescues in the North Sea of persons in the water.

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    Also something to keep in mind when using thermal imagers. They do not see through windows, and will reflect your own image off any shiny surface (including windows).

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