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    Post Firefighter rescue using a camera

    I am looking for information on a firefighter rescue by a RIT team, utilizing a camera. I believe it was in Pittsburgh. Any information would appreciate.


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    I do not have any info on the particular incident you were looking for, but I am trying to track it down.

    I do have info on 2 other incidents where firefighters were saved by using a thermal imager :

    Incident #1
    Granbury Texas - December 29, 1998
    Firefighters responded to a working structure fire in an auto body shop. Initial attack was 4 firefighters, including an officer with a thermal imager. The officer identified the fact that the rafter construction of the ceiling had been severely damaged by the fire and ordered the 3 other firefighters out. 2-3 minutes later the ceiling over the area they had been operating in collapsed. Captain Scott Cook was the officer and credits the thermal imager for saving 4 lives including his own.

    Incident #2
    Delta Township Mid 1999
    Firefighters responded to a working fire. Heavy fire conditions on arrival, aggressive interior attack was initiated. Upon entering the structure high heat levels were noted in the floor area, attack crew suspected an advanced basement fire and halted their advance, seconds later it was confirmed with the thermal imager that the floor directly in front of them was burned through in numerous locations, with complete collapse in others. Crew credits the imager with identifying the conditions and preventing them from ending up in the basement with the fire.

    These stories and others can be found at www.thermalimager.com.

    Hope this helps, if you get the info or any other stories please post them here, so others can learn from them and use them to sell the idea of purchasing a thermal imager.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

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    Ref. Incident #1

    Initial attack was made through an office area (about 10'X12') built of wood inside the metal building of the auto body shop.

    We were able to see the heat transfer (for lack of a better term) of the rafters through the ceiling of the office area and noticed that we couldn't see the rafters all the way across the office (as they should). From what we were taught this meant one of two things:

    1. The rafters were at least as hot as the ceiling and subject to potential failure; or,

    2. The rafters were already burned through.

    Either way it was time to get out and I ordered the retreat. The ceiling of the office collapsed a few moments later. They used the area above the office for storage and all of the stored stuff ended up where we were.

    From what I understand, not all imagers will give you a view of the studs or rafters through a wall or ceiling, for whatever reason. Make sure the one you buy will.


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