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    Post Should the TI be with RIT or the Initial Attack ?

    Not all departments can afford more than one thermal imager, so many are having to decide if they should send their unit in with the initial attack or hold it out with RIT.

    What is your department doing and what is the reasoning behind it ?, or what are your thoughts ?

    Good Luck, Be Safe

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    We have one at this point. We will be sending it in with the search crew. We use mutual aid for the RIT, so hopefully they will have one of their own. We do plan on bringing ours with us when we do a RIT assignment. I think holding it out for the RIT is a mistake, you have to deal with the priority at the moment and that is the fire.

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    Send it with attack crew, thats what were in the business for, theres a much better chance of saving a civilian than a firefighter, the taxpayer paid for the camera, give him his moneys worth.

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    Whether to send in the TI with the fire attack team or the search and rescue team really depends on the assessment of the situation by the officer in-charge.

    If someone is reported to be trapped in a particular portion of the house, send in a search and rescue team with the thermal imager to search out the specific area.

    When all the residents in the building have been accounted for, send the thermal imager in with the fire team to locate the position of fire fast.

    In situations where it is unclear whether there are any casualties(which will often be the case)trapped in the building, there probably isn't any definite "right" or "wrong" answers. It's up to the commander to determine which team should be holding the TI.

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    Hay TIMan, how's it going.

    You have to send it with the rescue team. What good does it do for the TI to sit out side, when the people who need to be found are inside and the rescue team is searching the house the old fashion way. Yes I ageee that the RIT should have a TI, but you do what you can do.

    Be good.

    Joe Decker
    Local 3905
    Rolla Mo

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