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    Post Hand held vrs. Helmet mounted ???

    Hind site is 20/20.If you currently have a unit please share(honestly)your opinion which would buy next time. List any problems you have encounted or positives you have found. This would be helpful as we search for the right unit.


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    S. Cook
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    We currently have 2 Bullards and intend on buying another imager in the near future. After looking at them all, in my opinion Bullards only competition is the FireOptic.

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    Does anyone have a hand held and wish they had a helmet mounted one and visa versa ?? WHY ??

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    Thumbs down

    We evaluated some cameras not to long ago, (you can see my post in "have you evaluated T.I.C.") and we found some problems with the helmet mounted typ cameras. We're sticking with the backlit handheld units.

    Be safe everyone!

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    Just to let you know up front, I'm for hands free systems all the way. The hands free systems will allow you to do a lot more without a "camera man". This will allow you to find the victim or partner and exit quickly without using reference points, which could slow you down. Although, I do beleive that their will always be a place for hand helds, but if the main reason you are purchasing the camera is for search/rescue and overhaul then I think a helmet system is the way to go.

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