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    Firemedic1696 Guest

    Post Funding for TIC

    Does anyone have information on TIC funding, other than having a car wash or a spaghetti dinner? I had heard that either NY or NJ passed legislation on the state purchasing a TIC for every FD in their state. This is the kind of info I am seeking. I am host a thermal Imaging Workshop for Spring 2000, I am looking for a speaker on this topic, any suggestions?


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    FF McDonald Guest


    Firemedic 1696--
    Take a look at the other posting in this forum, "NJ Thermal Imager Bill"-- there is a newspaper column attached to the posting.

    Hope that helps...


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    S. Cook Guest


    For our 2nd imager:

    - did a direct mail out to selected businesses and individuals in our community.

    - did a one day Wal Mart fund raiser where they gave us a matching grant for the first $1500 of what we raised there.

    - when we went on a a smell of smoke, light ballast or other similar call, and used the imager, the occupant always asked what the camera was we were using. We told them and mentioned we were raising money for another one to run out of the other station. Didn't directly ask for money, just mentioning we were raising it. Usually we'd get a check a few days later.

    Took us about 6 months to raise the cash.

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    Hi firemedic.
    We are trying to buy 4 new TIC's, we just had a gun raffel and we are hitting the local service groups, ( lions ) we were told last night in our Local meeting that the lion's we going to buy 1 and mayby 2. Some of the other groups have to wait till the year is up, to make the decision on what they will give money to. We had a fire this year at a frat house, so we are going to the other frat's and the university to see if they will help also. Good luck and be good.

    Local 3905

    p.s. I wish that MO would give money out to our fire depts for TIC's.

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    natemarshall Guest


    Colorado EMS Foundation donated 105 imagers to agencies in 1999. In 2000 they will donate another 100 or so.

    Im working on legislation with a state rep to get a program setup for emergency services to get things like this. Once its written well make it available to all.


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    S. Cook Guest


    One more thing - get a demo imager, take it to the community powers that be (city council, county commisioners, big money people, businesses, etc...) and show them how it helps them.

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    nj_lawyer Guest


    NJ is the state that is buying one for each fire Dept. with some limitations (one for each town per 25,000 people - e.g. 35,000 people gets 2 cams, etc.)

    Bullard looks like the low bid.

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    McNiecefafe Guest


    The City of Midland TX FD is getting an imager donated to them by their local realator's assc. They wanted to do something for the fire dept. and wanted the publicity. You can e-mail me at and I can give you a contact in Midland.

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