There is a lot out there to evaluate, what is the most important ?, and why is it the most important ?

Everyone is trying to figure out which imager is the best and I think, even though it seems to be a lot of redundant work, it is great that a large number of departments are doing evaluations. But I sometimes wonder what criteria or features people are using when they evaluate an imager. The obvious comes to mind : weight, video transmitter, battery life, durability. What criteria are you basing your evaluation on ?

In addition to the criteria or features which ones are the most important and should get the most consideration. Seems that a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on battery life. I would rank it low, the number of incidents that I have been on that went over an hour were very few. Also, I only have about 30 minutes of air so I am coming out to hand off the unit or change out cylinders, ether way the time to change the batteries is minimal so it is no big deal. I figure durability has to be number one. There is no question firefighting is hell so your imager has to able to take it, unless you want to baby it. All of the features in the world are no good if your imager fails the first time it takes a hit or sees some high heat. What do you think should be the priority in picking an imager ? If it is multiple criteria or features what order do you rank them in.

If you did an evaluation and have an imager, what would you change in the evaluation process if you could do it over again ?

There is no book on how to do an evaluation, help out the others, with your input, so they can make sure the evaluation they do will give them the best tool for the job.

Good Luck, Be Safe,