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    This question is mostly directed to departments with 1 camara.How did you decide which piece of apparatus to put the camara on? And why? I realize you would most likely put it on the most bussiest piece,But like in our case we have 3 stations (totally volunteer)and you cant always rely on the apparatus with the camara to be there due manpower issues.

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    We have the same situation, 1 camera, 2 stations. Ours is on the truck, which is first out on structure fires. Hope to resolve that early next year by adding one to the first engine from the other station.

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    Good Question,

    One possible solution, assign an individual to be responsible for getting the unit to the scene. I know of a number of volunteer departments who are doing this. The Chief Officers or Officers sign up for duty shifts, this means they will respond to all calls during their shift no matter what. Some personnel are even required to stay at the station during their shift (usually 24 hours). They keep the unit with them and respond to the scene. It works as long as they have a decent response time, they make all of the calls during their duty shift, and enough people are willing to do it so it is not a burden. If you have a large response area and the person is at one extreme end of it the response time can be a problem. Also depends on whether or not you can run lights and siren. The person also has to respond, no sleeping through calls.

    It is to bad so many Volunteer Departments are losing their people.

    Hope you get something worked out, if you do, let us all know what worked best for you.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

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    Do you have one piece of aparatus that goes to all structure fires as one of the first out units. THe departments around here place theirs on the BC vehicles and ladders.

    Alan Romania, CEP
    IAFF Local 3449

    My Opinions do not reflect the opnions of the IAFF or Local 3449.

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    I agree the BC or officer in charge should be responsible for getting the camera to the fire. (in your case)

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    In reference to which unit should carry the TI, just buy one for each responding unit, that is if you have the funds available In our system we were fortunate to have bugeted for this technology and have a Chief who believes in it. We carry an imager on each Engine and Ladder (20 total) and as each day goes by, we are finding new uses for them. We had the discussion of having them on the BC vehicles, but they would be wasted in their use as a valuable S&R tool for the first in units. I know this next part probably belongs on another thread, but look into new federal grants in relation to this technology for your department...

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