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    There were so many replys, I did not have time to read all of them, so I am sorry if I am repeating anyones comment BUT, Last months Fire Engineering had a fantastic article on specing thermal imaging devices I suggest that you read it. I found it to be very informative.

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    S. Cook
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    Fred - When will the latest Navy report be issued?

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    We've finally completed our initial evaluation of handheld TIC's. We spent approximately 60 manhours conducting our evaluation based on OUR specific needs. Here are the lessons learned:
    1. You need to adopt and follow an objective evaluation process. This results in an evaluation which a person not involved in the evaluation itself can reach the same conclusions as the evaluators. This also results in a "fair" evaluation so you don't get trapped into the all too common situation of "Well, we bought camera X because department Y has the camera". This is irresponsible to your "customers" who pay tax dollars.

    I would recommend that you DO NOT permit vendors to parade into the station and demo the cameras before you complete the evalaution. There is a tendency for people to develop opinions based on the physical appearence of the camera, attitude of the sales person, etc. I would further recommend that you even do not use camera brand names in the evalaution to preclude similar associations. Camera A, B ,C, etc. would probably lead to more OBJECTIVE results.

    We followed the Kepner-Tregoe (TM) decision analysis technique which is used in many major businesses in deciding everything from hiring decisions to which new material to use in the next model of automobile.

    2. It is recommended you perform a two-phase evaluation. First evaluate cameras on paper to your criteria which can be determined based on vendor provided information. The criteria should be based on information which can easily be determined from vender spec's such as wieght, size, battery life, field-of-view, display size, etc. You may need to follow-up with the vendor to make sure your understand what you read in the vendor spec's as mentioned in previous posts. We almost got caught on camera weight with one vendor where the advertised wieght was "x" and they "forgot" to mention that the advertised wieght did not include the battery. Make sure you compare apple-to-apples.

    The second phase of the evalaution should then involve the camera which were short-listed form the first phase. We evaluated 8 cameras and after the first phase were down to 4 cameras. The second phase is the side-by-side comparison of cameras and should involve a live fire evaluation. The purpose fo this phase is to evaluate camera characteristics which are not conducive to evaluation based on vendor supplied info. Screen clarity is one camera attribute which cannot be fairly evaluated in the first phase. Reason being is that many camera manufacturers will state that they have the "clearest" display. You need to see the cameras side-by-side to evaluate which camera actually has the clearest display.

    Live fire evaluation is highly recommended since the cameras will behave differently in a fire environment versus in the department's engine bay or meeting room.

    I will be glad to share our evaluation (8 pages in WORD (TM) format) if you e-mail me. Keep in mind that our evaluation is based upon camera attributes which we determined were important to US. You may decide that your department thinks that other charateristics are more important.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire Department
    Hamilton, NY

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    S. Cook
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    Joe, I'd like a copy thecooks@itexas.net



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    Thumbs up

    Wow! Very informaitve...keep up the great debates!

    Neal Radford

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    Thumbs up

    Joe: Please sent me a copy. Looks greats
    Thanks for the help

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