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    Post Building The Perfect TI

    Hello All,

    Scott Cook's post outlining what he would like in a TI was a good idea. All of the current units have pros and cons, and the perfect TI may never be built, but it is good to know what features everyone would like. Granted one feature or TI may be good in some applications but not all of them. We just had a request to incorporate GPS into our unit so the user can call in a coordinate when they ID a missing person from an aircraft.

    What do you think are the most important features and qualities based on your experiences or hypothetically speaking ?

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

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    S. Cook
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    A handheld unit with a HUD type display in the SCBA facepiece. The reciever for the HUD should be inexpensive so that all the SCBAs could be equipped with it.

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    I agree...HUD's are the future.

    I think it's only a matter of time before we see this. You could incorporate radio controls, TI controls, TI image, PASS device, ambient temperature...anything on that screen.

    A belt-mounted control unit could control the functions of your radio, SCBA-SCBA intercom, PASS device, AND the TI (and any other goodies you throw in).

    If it was firefighter proof and it worked, it would be awesome.

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