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    Question What else can you use the TIC for?

    Hey guys/gals- help me out.
    There are a few of us at our department trying to promote the purchase of a TIC, but the general opinion is " The neighbor's have one we can call for if we need one, why should we spend the money on one of our own?"
    We have been asked,as a commitee, to submit a list of what the various uses of a TIC are and what uses it would provide since we don't have many fires with people trapped.
    We have to sell the idea to the Department and the District.
    Can you help us with ideas- what are the many uses that you have found with your units?
    We want to get a nice list without forgetting something important.
    What are your idea's and experiences?
    THANKS for your help.

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    S. Cook
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    OK, so the neighbors have one that goes in with your first in crew right? Nope...

    #1 use - firefighter safety. You can see studs in the walls, rafters in the ceiling and joists in the floor - or not see them if they're not there. This could save your crews life; it has others and mine.

    - You find the seat of the fire faster.

    - Larry Stevens pointed out in one of his editorials, wothout an imager, victims were missed (I hope I get the numbers right) 75% of the time and firefighters got lost and couldn't find their way out 40% of the time. When they put a TIC in service, victims were found 95% of the time and firefighters found their way out 100% of the time. Check the back issues of Fire-Rescue for the exact numbers, I think it's in the Feb. 99 issue, page 8 (see TIMans post under Updated TI Reference Material in this forum)

    A few other uses

    - we assist PD in looking for missing, lost and runaway persons with it with a pretty good success rate just a few minutes afetr we arrive.

    - more thorough overhual, pick out all the hot spots and cool them down. We never have to go back to a rekindle when we used a TIC during overhaul.

    - grass, brush, forest fires

    - accidents, we scan the area when there was potentially someone ejected from the vehicle

    - hazmats

    - smells of smoke in a building

    - any situation where a difference in temp. can provide a clue as to what's going on

    - Rapid intervention

    Also, see TIMans post under Updated TI Reference Material in this forum for a long list of references that you can review and grab ideas from.

    Bottom line, your neighbors imager is no good when it's sitting in their station when you need it.


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    i agree with your comments about the neighbors TI, just have to present good case to the powers that be( i'm sure we've all been there at one time or another).

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    You can also use it for very realistic training. You can throw a crew into a burn building and have an observer wearing the TIC, and see everything they are doing. If you get the transmitter or hook it up to a television with a VCR, you can record and play back for everyone on the crew to see. This is really an invaulable training tool.

    Get one!

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    You can tell the powers that be that in addition to the wonderful information that S.Cook and Battalion 5 gave you, it can be used to reduce the amount of time that your department spends on the fireground. By using the TIC for rescue ops, finding the seat of the fireand hot spots in overhauling you are spending less time on the fireground. Here's is a simple formula that any bean counter will appreciate:

    "Time is money". whether career or volunteer, it takes $$$ to keep a department going.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Some good answers in previous postings. We have used ours for locating hot spots. Also, for "hot smell" calls and pinpointed a bad florescent light ballast quickly.

    BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO STATE: IT WILL SAVE LIVES! Without a working smoke detector on each level of the home and a home escape plan we may get lucky and get there in time with a TIC but history says it will then be used as a body recovery tool. Think of how many smoke detectors and annual batteries we could supply our communities for the cost of a TIC. Yes, we have one but we did not beg for it mainly to SAVE LIVES. We always plugged in the fire safety messages of smoke detection and escape drills in the home. Otherwise we are giving a false sense of security to many folks. Can you imagine the liability of a citizen who donated to the TIC fund under the IT WILL SAVE LIVES thought and you get to their home too late to save the baby..............

    Ted J. Pagels, Fire Chief, Menominee, MI 49858

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