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    Post need help with Thermal Imaging Grant

    I am looking for a strong and successful justification statement from a grant that has been awarded for a Thermal Imager.

    I am resourcing myself from the LRC,(thanks TIman), and am scheduled for a "Grant writing for the fire service" class.

    I know this is a tough request but any help is appreciated.

    My grant source is a local foundation who awards local grants in galveston County, Texas.

    Safety Jeff

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    One suggestion, ask your local foundation for an example of a successful grant that was awarded along these lines.

    This will give you an example of the general way the grant is written. Let that be a template for your writing. I suppose you are probably attending the seminar with Rodney Slaughter, enjoy.

    Charles Werner, BC
    Charlottesville VA Fire Department
    "A World Class City"

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