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    KATN61 Guest

    Post Used TIC $

    What is a good offer for a used 3 year old MSA Argus TIC not beat to death?

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    MVFD108 Guest


    Our department just recently bought a demo ARGUS PLUS,complete with charger,case,spare batteries,and even a warranty,all for $10,000 .This camara was about a year old. This was probibly a once in a lifetime deal so we jumped on it quick.Is the camara your inquiring the first model of the ARGUS? MSA has the ARGUS, ARGUS PLUS, & ARGUSII
    Also just wondering why is it being sold?

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    IRalltheway Guest


    One thing to keep in mind is that a TIC that's about three years old may need service soon and it might not be cheap. You might want to check with MSA to see if the offer some type of extended warranty. Just a thought.

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    KATN61 Guest


    MVFD- it is the original Argus and they are selling it because they bought 2 new Argus II
    IRalltheway- thanks, i will check on it

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    Jeff801 Guest


    Think twice about an original Argus, there was some debate about the early technological problems. Many of these problems were worked out in the future models. A local department has already scrapped their original argus and bought a new brand.

    TI has moved leaps and bounds since then. Scott just sold over 35 TIC's to the Houston FD for around $10,800. They also just saved 2 children (according to HFD union newsletter). Bullard is reducing prices (15k-17k)due to the new Lockheed-Martin components, (Cairns Viper was first on market with it), awesome-truly awesome.

    We purchased a demo Bullard with the remote transmitter for 17k, 8 months ago. I highly recommend the remote transmitter.

    Point being, don't be fooled by price. you do get what you pay for. A one year demo is 10 times better than a 3 year old camera, but it will not be better than the new TI's coming to market right now.

    Safety Jeff

    Just trying to help.

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    TIMan Guest


    Just a couple of comments,

    I would say any TI is better than no TI, but I am not sure in the case of the original Argus units. I say that for the following reasons :

    Those units are based on tube technology and will "white out". These units are where the term became popular.

    I would also have to question the service life of any tube based (PEV) unit that has been in the field for over 2 or 3 years. Some of these units have gone over 10 years without a problem but others have shown serious problems after direct exposure to a couple of good fires or some rough handling.

    Big concerns on the warranty and service as well. Most manufacturers warranties cover manufacturer’s defects only, and these should show up in the first 60-90 days of service after (the original) delivery. The majority of these warranties do not cover wear & tear, damage due to handling, or exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Make sure you get the warranty in writing and you read the fine print with a lawyer and factory rep present.

    Big concern as well with getting the unit serviced. I am not 100 percent sure about how they handle things now, but I know a year ago many of the tube based units had to be sent back to EEV in England for service. Most departments I know who had problems with the unit had turn around times measured in weeks and months, not hours or days.

    The first thermal imager I ever used in the fire service was an Argus back in 1996. It worked and was a hundred times better than the alternative, which was being blind. But, I would think with the other choices available today you would be much better off buying a BST or Microbolometer based unit.

    If money is the issue, you could take the amount you have, use it as a down payment, and finance the remaining amount through a loan or lease. Most fund raising efforts can bring in enough money to make the remaining monthly payments. You get the unit immediately, it is better technology, and you should have much better luck with the warranty and service.

    No disrespect to anyone selling or buying an Argus TI. If you have one and it is still working for you, great. I just hate to see departments spending money, that I know is hard to come by, on old technology when there are so many more new choices available.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

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