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    Question What types of opposition of the TIC did you have to confront?

    Our committee is getting ready to approach the chief, officers and the body to recommend we move forward towards purchasing a TIC. We are aware that there will be some opposition, both educated and/or uneducated/uninformed to the latest TIC technology and uses.
    We would like to be prepared for any questions or concerns that may arise.

    What types of opposion have you heard of and/or experienced, and how did you handle these concerns?
    Also-What different approaches did you use to 'sell' the TIC future purchase to your chief/officers/firefighters/commissioners/etc that you found to produce the best results?

    Thanks for your input
    Be Safe- jeff

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    You will get a lot of questions on why you need one and if it's worth the money. You will need to explain all the different uses and if possible show some documentation on lives saved. I beleive TIMAN has posted a web address that shows some of them. As far as if it's worth the money, how much is a life worth? The best way to educate the various groups of people is to get all the cameras and do a burn and let them see what the camera will do and let them play with it. Do some drills with it and let them see how much times it saves. The first TIC is the hardest one to get after you get one they will want more. As far informing them about the technology, their are various ways to show the difference between the BST and the microbolometer cameras. When we were doing our eval, we have a gas stove in the station and just turned it on and look at the flames. You will see a difference right away. The BST systems will have a black halo and a smearing affect around the flames. I admit, it's not the best test and I'm not saying to choose a TIC based on looking at a gas stove, but it works if you can't do an actual burn demo to give you some idea.

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    It's just like anything else you get - some folks can't wait for it to get there and some hope it never shows.

    If you're old enough you might remember the same thing happening when your dept. got SCBAs, or enclosed cabs, or went to full turnouts from hipboots and coats, or bought a JAWS set, and on and on and on...

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