Hello All,

Some more disturbing news is coming together. In a number of the last evaluations which have taken place, one in Phoenix AZ and one in Gulfport MS, a certain new thermal imager is showing that it is having some serious problems operating in high heat conditions. These heat conditions were high, but there were firefighters operating in them and at least one other unit remained functioning throughout the entire evaluation. I will not post the name here because I do not have the written results in my hand (I have verbal confirmation) and I do not want to "go there" on this forum. If anyone is evaluating units I would strongly recommend you contact one of these departments or email me your address so I can send you a copy of the results when I get them.

This further reinforces the fact that you must do your own evaluation or talk to other departments who have. This unit looks great and does well in a classroom but it clearly can hot handle all firefighting conditions.

I am not trying to sling mud or turn this into a sales competition, but I am very concerned that this unit is not ready, and will fail someone when they need it most in the middle of some really tough fire fighting conditions. If you do not believe me talk to the other departments and see what they think.

Good Luck, Be Safe,