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    Question Looking for Thermal Imager info

    My chief has asked me to start to gather info on prices, service, usability, etc. Now, what I would like to get is
    a. Make of unit
    b. Helmet mount or handheld
    c. How is it accepted by the crew that uses it?
    d. Battery life and availibility
    e. Price
    f. would you recommend this unit to another dept?
    replies can also be e-mailed to

    Lt. Alton Darty
    Osceola FD
    Osceola, AR

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    S. Cook
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    Lt. Darty,

    To answer your questions

    a. Bullards, 3 of them
    b. all handheld
    c. the crews love it
    d. battery life is acceptable and it uses motorola style radio batteries
    e. prices are very reasonable
    f. yes, but I would first recommend they do their own evaluation of all the imagers so that they can get the one that best suits their needs. Just because dept. X uses brand Y doesn't mean it's the best thing for dept. Z. This is a big purchase, be sure to get the one that best suits your needs.

    See some ofthe other posts under this topic for more info

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