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    Question info on TIC & getting moeny for them

    I work for a small Dept in PA. & my boos wants me to get info on Fund raising, & what type depts. have and how they like them & any save or use storys.


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    We have a Bullard TIC and we love it. We have not had any search & rescue type saves with it yet, but it has been a great help on many calls. Recently we were called Mutual Aid to a neighboring town. They had a smoke condition in a nursing home and were on the scene for over an hour - they did some considerable damage forcing doors and opening walls - and still could not locate the source of the smoke. They finally called for our TIC. I went in with the TIC and found the source (an overheated refrigeration unit motor) in less than 5 minutes.
    Regarding funding, our TIC cost about $18,000. We got a grant for $15,000 from our State (NY) Assemblyman and raised the rest from two local Rotary Clubs. I went to their meetings, showed a video on the TIC, explained how it would save lives and property, and they donated the rest of the money we needed. Once we received the camera, I went back to these Clubs to show them the camera and did a demonstration for them.

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    You also might want to check with Wal-Marts. They are very big supporters of TICs in the fire service. On emore thing, check with the TIC salesman, a lot of them will have good ideas and help any way they can. Some of them will provide you with fund raising materials to help. If you like contact me via email and I'll let you know which manufacturers that I've ran accross that will supply you with material and help you throughout the process.

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