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    chf jstano
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    Post Could N.Y. do something like N.J?

    What do you folks in N.Y. think about doing something similar to the mass quantity buying for a lower price for TIC's like they did in N.J? Maybe FASNY could act as a central agent or ogs? If we all wrote or e-mailed Albany and they realized the interest is there, may be the bureaucratic wheel could get rolling.

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    Great idea, but unfortunately I don't see it progressing with the speed that the NJ bid did. The fire service in New York State, especially at the state agency level, is still years, maybe 10's of years, behind other north-eastern states.

    Just remember that NY still does not require a performance based evalaution upon completion of the Basic Firefighter (Essentials) course. I still don't think that NY state recognizes NFPA 1001 certification.

    Ok, I'm off my soap-box now. It's a great idea. Maybe someone who is knowledgeable with the internal workings of the NY state government could suggest a way to initiate the effort which would get it into the fast track. Realistically, departments are purchasing cameras left and right and the need for state support will soon start to dissipate.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire Department
    Hamilton, NY

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    S. Cook
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    Hey, EVERY state could do it. I think I'll send a letter to GW and my state rep asap!

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    I sent an E Mail to NYS Office of General Services and they are working on State Contract Pricing for Thermal Imaging Cameras.
    see them at www.ogs.state.ny.us
    They also have a state contract for pumpers and tankers
    It's certainly not The NJ plan but every little bit helps.


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    Chris Shields
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    I think it would be great if every fire department in NY State could get a camera but I honestly don't see that happening.
    New York is a state that takes its time doing everything. By the time something like this was passed and actually progressed through, even the smallest department in the state would have one already!


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