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    KiwiFF Guest

    Question Stowage of TIC

    Our Brigade is considering stowing our TIC in the cab of one of our appliances, but the manufacturer's case takes up too much room.

    Any suggestions on the safe stowage of TICs in vehicle cabs?


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    LHS Guest


    We hang our Iris's and have a custom mount for the Bullards.

    Recently there have been cases of imagers not getting off the rig around the US when they were desperately needed. Lose the box.

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    e33 Guest


    I have to agree, thats like keeping your nozzle in a box then attaching it to the hose before the stretch. I like the bullard mount bracket Larry.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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    LHS Guest


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    Mesa Fyr Guest


    YES, LOSE THE BOX !!!! It's like keeping the ECG monitor, defib paddles, and electrodes all in different compartments. When you need it, you needed it yesterday. We designed a housing made of thin aluminum diamond plate that is padded inside and allows for easy access to the imager and is mounted in the cab. We have 22 of them and it works pretty good.
    It serves several purposes:
    1-The imager is ready and easy to access inside the cab.
    2-It is wired so there is always a trickle charge to the battery, so no more dead battery issues.
    3-It is pretty much hidden from view - no need having someone go through your truck and finding neat toys.
    4-It protects it from getting banged around inside the cab.
    I'd post a picture of it, but I don't have a digital camera. I will as soon as I can..

    For all you reps out there, make it easier to store - it will make using it easier!!

    Be Safe...

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    TIMan Guest


    Hello All,

    You ask, we respond ! Below is the vehicle mount which will become available for the Bullard Thermal Imager in the month of February. We had a lot of requests to ditch the cases, so this is the outcome. It also has a battery charger for a spare battery, and a new feature that allows you to charge a battery in the TI at the same time as the spare. No reason to have a flashlight and a radio with fresh batteries, yet have to keep swaping batteries out of your thermal imager. Current Bullard users will be able to have their units upgraded to work with this "Direct Charge" feature. It does you no good to have a unit that does not fit into your normal operating procedures as firefighters ! Sorry it was not available the same day the first TI was.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

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    FireOptic Guest



    I am happy to see that another manufacturer has started to address the issue of how to store the TIC in the truck. Below is a picture of one of the FireOptic cameras as installed in a Worcester, Mass rescue truck. This charging/storage rack comes standard with the FireOptic camera.

    This rack is designed to be compliant to NFPA "roll-over" requirements for equipment which is mounted in the cab of the firetruck.

    This charging/storage rack, known as the "Grab 'N Go" rack, charges the batteries while they are in the camera and provides instant and ready access to the FireOptic camera when it is needed. Worcester has chosen to mount their cameras in a vertical configuration, but other users have mounted the rack in a horizontal configuration successfully as well.

    We have heard that the time to deploy the TIC is one of the key reasons that TICs do not get used in a critical situation, and it is for this reason that the storage case is considered an option with the FireOptic.

    Tom Clynne
    President - ICC

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    tonybelair Guest


    TIMan new charging system looks great. My department has an unit, would it be upgraded at no charge? We are looking to buy another and I am sure this question will come up.

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    raricciuti Guest

    Thumbs down

    We have one TIC, which lives in its semi-firefighter proof Pelican case, secured in the cab of the 1st due engine. Two words - BAD IDEA. We have had two recent structure fires, and in both cases, the storage arrangement was a hinderence. We are currently looking at purchasing a second camera, and regardless of manufacturer, we need a more accessible storage option. At the FDIC, I saw Bullard and ICC both have in-vehicle type mounts - looks like the way to go from where I stand. Most places stopped carrying SCBA in storage boxes on apparatus a long time ago - for similar reasons. If you build your own mount, just make sure the camera isn't going to get loose in a collision or rollover and do some personal damage. Stay safe.

    R.A. Ricciuti, Firefighter
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    nj_lawyer Guest


    TIMan, you image didn't come through (anyone else having that problem). Can you repost or send via e-mail?

    Nothing stated in this post has been approved by or is the position of my employer or VFD. It is only my opinion.

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