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    The reason that the helmet mounted systems were thrown out of the NJ Bid was quite obvious. The hands-free systems came in at a higher cost than the Bullard BST camera. If they had also awarded a bid for our camera, the Div of Fire Safety would have had to spend more $ for ours therefore reducing the number of total imagers purchased. Although we were significantly higher than Bullard, we were in line with many of the other vendors' pricing and by far the lowest bidder with microbolometer technology. To give you an analogy of pricing/technology, basically we bid a Pentium III and they bid a Pentium I.

    MESSAGE TO NJ DEPARTMENTS - The state will be mailing out "Imager Grant" applications by April 1st. Please fill them out thoroughly because they will be returned to you if not done correctly. REMEMBER, YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE IN NJ! The state chose the lowest bidder of all cameras PERIOD. It may or may not be right for your department. The state will pay your department the amount that they are paying for Bullardís BST camera to apply towards ANY imager purchase. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to email me. As an active NJ firefighter, Ex-Chief and current Lt. that also works for FLIR, I can provide you with a fair amount of information as the state moves forward.

    Good Luck!

    Lt. K.J. Kiel

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    You know, I didn't really read the details of this NJ thing as I'm in Texas and it doesn't apply to me. But, I tip my 1010 to the government officials that made the decision to give the departments options.

    To give a department the option of choosing the one from the state bid, or taking the cash equivalent to buy the one that best fits their needs was a great idea.

    So all you NJ FD's evaluate them all and get what best suits your needs.

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