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    Question Ideas Needed for Fundraising for Cameras!

    If you have any great ideas about getting the "community" involved to help purchase TIC's, please pass them along! Our department wants to purchase two cameras, but the monetary value far exceeds our budget. Any successful ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

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    You might want to look at the previous posts below titled FUNDING and NEED INPUT. Their are a lot of good ideas their.

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    Our department is currently having many fundraising events going on at this time. We are asking the local businesses to support the cause by participating in of of three ways: 1. Donating money. 2. Donating goods or services to be placed in a silent auction being held by our town chamber of commerce. or 3. Allowing us to place a collection jug in the business with our logo "Pennies for Protection". We also are having the 4th grade classes at one of the elementary schools to see which class could collect the most amount of milk jugs with pennies. Winning class gets a pizza party with the firefighters. We are having a demonstation using a TIC at a High School Basketball game and accepting donations. The local Drive-In Resturaunt is allowing our firefighters for one day do the waitering of food and all tips go toward the purchase of the imager. The silent auction. One of the firefighters (Our Battalion Chief) is sitting on the billboard in front of the station (on a busy road) for 24 hrs in order to get donations. Finally, we contacted a local radio station and are having a charity basketball game between the firefighters and whatever local celebrities the can get. We will also have door prizes and raffle tickets for prizes at the game. Our community is behind us 100% and will probably get the money to purchase the two imaging cameras that we are hoping for. Good luck on your fundraising and I hope these ideas will work for you too.

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    We raised $20,000 over the last year to purchase our Flir TI. We designed aT-shirt with a firefighter using a thermal imager to find a victim. It was printed with "I helped Polk County Fire District #1 see though the smoke" we sold the shirts for $15.00 each, We also sold See's candy from Thansgiving to Christams Eve. We set up our Rehab Trailer in the local shopping center and manned it with volunteers from 1000 to 1900 hrs. We also have an annual 4th of July breakfest. We did a lot of PR in the local paper radio and TV.


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    We had a civic group called "Operation Save" raise money. They were able to raise enough money to purchase 8 Cairns Iris helmets. Our administration was able to procure a grant which purchased 20 Bullard handheld imagers. Finally, I was in New Mexico about 2 years ago and I noticed that the Albuqueque FD was having a telethon to purchase a thermal imaging helmet. Hope this info helped.

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    Try contacting Wal-mart. They have purchased, and helped purchase TIC's all over the U.S.

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    Our local business people have really come forward, a bunch of them gave seed money to a commitee made up of fire and local community people and so far we have seen 5 or 6 of the IRIS. One company gave $10,000 toward this because the commitee was able to buy 3 units at a lower price due to the quanity. They are in use and have been used for SAR to finding cause and extension of fires. Great tool for everyone.

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