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    Lightbulb What are the pros and cons of FLIR TIC's?

    Our department wants to purchase a TIC. Our committee is interested in the "FLIR Systems" cameras. Does anyone know the "pros" and "cons" about this particular brand? I haven't run across any personal experiences involving this particular make of cameras. If you have information, it will certainly be appreciated!

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    We took a look at them in an initial eval that DID NOT involve live fire (thats where your decision should be made) Some pros and cons as we saw them:

    Alot of weight added to the helmet, tended to pull it forward. The situation is much better with a mask in place, which is how you would use it.

    It was bulky and some of the guys just didn't like having something that size on their head.

    It can be used in a hand held mode, which is a benefit over the only other helmet mount, the Iris, ISG has one that looks good if they ever get it to the market!!

    Read the other posts on evaluation of imagers. Talk to everyone and try them all, there is alot to learn!

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    I spent some time at a couple of trade shows looking at the FLIR. I was impressed with the weight and the image. Problem is that was a trade show exhibit floor. It really has to be evaluated under fire conditions. The biggest “pros” are the hands free operation and clear image and the ability to switch it from helmet to helmet. The “cons” I’ve heard of where the same as Halligan84 stated, the weight pulling your helmet forward.

    I'm new at this picture thing...hope it comes out.

    Rob Donnan
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    Thumbs up

    We recently purchased the Flir unit at Polk County Fire Dist #1 in Oregon. We have used it at 3 fires and also at a burn to learn with the Engineers from Flir. The Flir units are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. We did a lot of reseach and found the Flir was the best all around unit. What we like about the unit is there is no white spot. It has the widest viewing area of the units we tested. It is a little bunky when mounting on to your halment , but with a little practice it gets a lot easier. It can be viewed in black and white for intial attack and changed to color for overhaul.


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    Haligan 84 lines it out pretty well.

    The only other thing I didn't like was the little screen and its location during helmet mount use - right above/forward of the right eye. I can't see it as I don't have a right eye...

    But - do your own testing.

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    I had a problem with the FLIR. I liked the idea behind it but when used in livefire conditions, my mask fogged up and I couldn't see the screen anymore. Another firefighter had the camera fall off his helmet. Try it before you buy it. If they were to make it lighter with a bigger, brighter screen that sat centered in your mask, not up high or to one side, it would be 100% better. Good luck with your choice.

    Be safe everyone!

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