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    Question SCOTT battery problems?

    About a year ago our department purchased two of the Scott Eagle Imagers. Both units came with a spare battery. These totaling 4 batteries, two of which we have had to send back because they would'nt hold a charge. We do not "trickle charge" these units on our Companies.
    My question is... Has anyone else out there had this problem? If so has SCOTT offered any sugestions on correcting this problem? Any input would be helpfull...



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    My guess is that the batteries are NiCad and you need to dis-charge these baterries almost every time you charge them because they will develop a memory. I would suggest calling Scott and seeing if they offer NiMh(Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries that don't develop a memory and ask them to swap you at no charge since you are still under warranty.

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    All four of these batteries are NiMh batteries. And are not "supposed" to develop a memory. I have heard a rumor that we're not the first department to have this problem.


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