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    "What a difference a year makes."

    That quote says a lot.

    First, my belief is that having a TIC is better than not having one. I'm fighting the uphill battle at my volunteer company of getting one on every engine. (We will purchase (or get freebie)first unit in next 60 days.) I can think of a dozen instances that due to driver availability or engine availability, our "first due" piece was not "first due." How often do the crews think to get some piece of equipment off another engine before responding? I also think that a TIC should be mounted in the cab rather than in a box in a compartment. When I am grabbing tools, I'm not pawing through compartments and opening boxes, its grab and run. That's why we have quick release mounts for tools and crosslay hoselines. --- HEY MANUFACTURERS: How about crew cab mounts???? only ICC offers one that I've seen.

    Second, BST vs. Microbolometer should not be the deciding factor in your decision.

    UNDERSTAND THIS: In thermal imaging, BST and Microbolometers are both OLD TECHNOLOGY. However, they are the only imaging technololgy available for the fire service. There are several existing and developing technologies that are better and cheaper. It will remain to be seen if they are adaptable to the fire service.

    Don't base your purchase decision on sales representations. Look to see if the unit is in service or is from a company with a history. Buy a unit that you feel comfortable with. Last thing you want to do is buy the "latest" unit with the best "bells and whistles" and have the guys not use it because its awkward or uncomfortable.

    Personally, if a manufacturer or rep won't bring it out to the burn building because other TIC's will be there, I would not buy that unit. What are you afraid of.

    We had a microbolometer unit out at station and when a neighboring company showed up with their ArgusII, the microbolometer guy started packing up. Why? When you put the two units side by side, the Argus had a much clearer image. But, the Argus didn't have a 180 degree swivel which some guys liked. (Personally, I like the Bullard, Scott, ICC style units which you strap on one hand and crawl with best).

    Anyway, there's my soapbox. Manufacturer reps, feel free to argue some more.

    Nothing stated in this post has been approved by or is the position of my employer or VFD. It is only my opinion.

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    The way I look at it is we become passionate for what we use. From day one, I wore Scott Air Packs, Globe Turnout and our department had twin 1970 CF Mack Pumpers. To this day, thatís what I like. (now Iím into our Pierce trucks)

    Likewise when firefighters are exposed to some piece of equipment that they like or are willing to put their trust in, they become passionate about it. These cameras are no different. As a firefighter and a salesman I have come to put both my personal safety and my professional reputation into the camera I sell.

    The last volley between two forum members above represents this passion. IRalltheway is obviously impressed by FLIR and itís features, while S. COOK is a fan of Bullard, because thatís what they use. At least weíre learning from these posts and getting what I believe is good information out there.

    Better to argue Microbolometer vs. BST than Coke vs. Pepsi or Bud vs. Coors. I think the fire service has come a long way.

    p.s. Ė Hey Scott which guy are you in the GALLS catalog, right or left?

    Rob Donnan
    Captain, Metuchen FD
    President, Jersey Fire & Rescue

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    I'm the handsome one with the big water-head holding the imager - on the right as you're looking at it. I haven't seen my royalty check from Galls yet either.

    While I am a Bullard fan, I would not recommend anyone go out and buy one because of what I (or anyone else) say; or, for that matter, buy a TIC based on what anyone says. I honestly believe each department should do their own evals and our opinion was based on the evals we did.

    In fact as technology progresses, we intend to continue to eval what's out there (we've seen most of them) and if switching brands or moving from BST to microbolometer would significantly benefit us, I'll be the first one to suggest it.

    nj_lawyer says it best "Last thing you want to do is buy the "latest" unit with the best "bells and whistles" and have the guys not use it because its awkward or uncomfortable."

    Also when I drank, it was Bud.

    [This message has been edited by S. Cook (edited March 15, 2000).]

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    Glad I'm being accused of "saying it best" when I just thought I was ranting....

    Personally, I'm a Guiness drinker, but then free beer is kinda like NJ's free TIC, hard to argue against.....

    Nothing stated in this post has been approved by or is the position of my employer or VFD. It is only my opinion.

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