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    Question Dazed and Confused

    There are still no straight answers coming from anyone concerning the NJ camera deal. The rumor mill is ripe with stories of litigation, but no one has any details. The state claims there is no litigation, so where is the paperwork? Something isn’t right!

    One of the points that were brought to my attention was that the winning camera included “Sleep Mode” into its battery life to make the required 2-hour minimum for operations. Does anybody know if that’s true? Aren’t all cameras in sleep mode when turned off? It’s not like they’re copier machines and take 5 minutes to warm up. What’s the average crank up for a camera, especially one that’s already warm, 15 to 30 seconds? It takes longer than that to adjust your face piece, attach your regulator and put on your gloves.

    Things have been too quiet out there, let’s get some talk going on.

    Rob Donnan
    Captain, Metuchen FD
    President, Jersey Fire & Rescue

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    The sleep mode is simply a feature that turns off the display screen from what the Bullard rep told me at FDIC. The camera stays warmed up and ready..but the display being off saves battery life. Now I am not sure how they were speced for the state contract..but thats what I know. I was also told at FDIC that paperwork should be out in 2 weeks or so..thats come and gone, does anyone have paperwork yet?? I had specifically questioned the rep from Bullard about NJ, so it wasnt just idle conversation.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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    Call the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Fire Safety

    (609) 633-6314

    They are the ones administering the program.

    Nothing stated in this post has been approved by or is the position of my employer or VFD. It is only my opinion.

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    To all interested NJ parties:

    I spoke to a representative from the NJ State Purchasing Authority yesterday. From what he stated, Bullard was officially awarded the bid. That means that the erly April target date for applications hitting the mailboxes should still hold true.

    JERSEYFIRE: I also asked about the "open" part of the bid and he stated that "yes, that price will be open to all other state, county, local and school organizations. We'll have to see........

    Take care!


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    Hello All,

    To whom it may concern, Bullard has been awarded the NJ bid and the first order for units is in house. They should be shipping out in the next couple of weeks.

    As far as the discussion on information and the “rumor mill” goes, nj_lawyer said it best, if you want information don’t look for it here, go to the “horses mouth” and call the NJ Division of Fire and Safety. They are the ones making the decisions and will be able to answer the questions with out “speculating or adding to the rumor mill”.

    Also since the decision has been made and the first order placed, any further discussion on the bid process is really a waste of time and will probably will not be real productive except for making the rumor mill turn.

    NJ did an incredible job and should be rewarded, not because they picked Bullard, but because they took a monumental step in providing this lifesaving technology to their firefighters. They should also be rewarded because they gave their firefighters a choice. They can take the Bullard free of charge, buy another unit and be reimbursed the bid price, or be reimbursed the bid price for an existing unit. Everyone wins !

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

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    Hello All,
    I have been reading the posts on this topic for some time. I feel the time has come to respond to some questions on the NJ state bid.

    Yes, the State of NJ has made the final decision to purchase Bullard cameras for the firefighters of New Jersey.
    Good idea, handled badly.

    The State of NJ - Purchase Bureau acted on information supplied by the Division of Fire Safety of the LOW BID camera. The Purchase Bureau did not evaluate the cameras at all.

    The Division of Fire Safety stated the Bullard camera met the bid specification, But in fact it does not, based on Bullards own printed literature.The Bullard camera is a good camera. It just does'nt meet the bid spec. where they say it does. Which in turn is cause for REJECTION of that vendors bid.

    That was the reason for the
    bid being contested by a few other Manufacturers/Vendors, but the word is now final as far as I know.

    Guess everyone will have to settle for a camera that does'nt meet the spec. the Division of Fire Safety wrote.

    If anyone has questions, send me an E-mail

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    Ken, I should have read the fine print to the Bullard dealer at the burn.

    I also confirmed the same info.


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