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    chf jstano
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    Question Who builds what they sell?

    I'm aware that ICC(fireoptic) bulds the TIC that they sell. Is there any other company out there who does?

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    chf jstano,
    What's the point ?? If the camera, any camera, meets your needs, why would you be concerned if it was solely built by one manufacturer or was an effort between ten ? The only potential issue I see is associated with warrenty or service issues. That obviously should be "one stop shopping".

    I believe there is a previous thread in this forum with regard to camera "kits" and who uses them.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire Department
    Hamilton, NY

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    Hello all. My name is Greg Hall. I am the Product Manager for FLIR Systems, and the FireFLIR. I have been involved in the Fire Service for almost 15 years. I was first in sales with MSA, then Product Line Manager for several products including thermal imaging cameras. I am now Product Marketing Manager for FireFLIR. With my knowledge and experience in both the Fire Service and infrared technology, I hope to be able to offer useful information. I also plan to avoid the occassional manufacturer & sales squables that I have observed on this forum.

    FLIR's infrared expertise was key reason I came to FLIR. FLIR does build the FireFLIR from the detector level. We design our own hardware, software, electrical and mechanical integration. Such vertical integration in the design and manufacturing of our products offers us several advantages.

    First, we have the expertise to diagnose and correct potential issues before products are ever shipped, reducing our MTF (mean time to failure). Additionally, we have in-house repair and service capability, down to the detector level. Building our own cameras also affords FLIR the ability to research and create new and innovative features such as the recently introduced, InfoTherm. Very few manufacturers have the ability to quickly design and implement sofware enhancements such as the new sotware FLIR introduced at the FDIC. Lastly, in-house design and manufacturing allows us the ability to provide upgrade ability.

    Most of my esteemed collegues, such as David Little (ISG) and Tom Clynne (ICC), have already discussed some of the technical complexities involved with manufacturing IR cameras. Responding to customer concerns, and improving products is simply much easier and faster when the product is built in-house.

    Greg Hall

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    Some manufacturers build thier cameras from the ground up. With a few core components bought from other sources. To this date I do not know them all, but I'm sure you can find out by following up on this topic.

    Other things to consider:
    A camera manufacturer who uses plug-and-play components, may not have the expertise to actually repair a damaged TIC. They may replace the entire component, adding to YOUR repair cost. Get all this info. before you choose a TIC.

    These manufacturers usually do not have many add-ons to customize the camera for your needs. Do not let the dealer tell you what you need, or do not need in a Thermal Imager because of THIER limitations. Find out what your requirements are and go from there. (see previous posts for this info)

    They may not have a good turn around time on repairs for cameras out of warranty. Most have quick return for warranty repairs, but find out what the return time is.

    The camera as a whole, may not be able to be upgraded to NEW features, because of the current design.

    Also, ask the dealer you bought your TIC from, if they have a loaner available for you to use.

    Incidently, BST based cameras are able to be upgraded also.

    Remember, all TIC's are NOT created equal and you should consider your options.

    Thanks for the info.


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