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    Question Attack?, Primary? or RIT?

    Just a quick survey guys. How are you using your cameras? Does the first team through the door take it or do you hold it outside for one of the back-up crews. I keep talking to people who tell me itís only used for overhaul and most guys forget to even take it out of the case.

    Please donít tell me every team gets one. I think the majority of us are still struggling with getting one or two cameras in service and donít have the luxury of two on each rig.

    Thanks for your input.


    Rob Donnan
    Captain, Metuchen FD
    President, Jersey Fire & Rescue

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    Ladder company carries the camera we got last year. Officer sizes up on way in, ensures engine locates fire, then searches for life. 2nd camera due soon (state purchased) will go on 1st engine for attack. We're working on our budget to buy a 3rd this year and hopefully a 4th next year which would have both engines, the truck and rescue equipped.

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    S. Cook
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    First in engine/crew takes it, 2nd due engine has one also (in the city, third due has one too).

    Advantages - better visibility for the first due crew, faster search for the seat or victims, improved safety as they can see dangerous building conditions and find their way out.

    All these contribute to quicker knockdown and/or search, quicker overhaul (we use it here too) and the likelyhood a RIT team, although on scene, will not be needed.

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    I think the question of attack, primary search or RIT can only be answered based upon the circumstances present at each fire.

    Three scenarios,

    1) Fire blowing out front

    2) Heavy smoke showing, no visible fire

    3) Notification of victim inside

    my answers would be:

    1) RIT or primary search
    2) Attack
    3) Primary search

    Also would depend on availability of additional cameras.

    Ideal would be one on attack line, one for search and one at RIT.

    But then I dream....

    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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