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    Lightbulb Warranty Specs

    Hello All
    While I agree that pre-purchase evaluation is very critical to insuring that your department gets the TIC it is most comfortable with, little is mentioned in the forums about warranty specs.
    True to nature a full range of "I heard this one covers this and that this one does not" has been floating around the station. So the chief ask if I would find out what departments or manufacturers are offering.

    I am interested in knowing what coverages are being offered in respect to heat exposure, and is abuse of the unit defined with respect to the environment it is used in. What are the cost of warranty and what time frames are they for? From a personal note many of the booth jockeys at FDIC left me with the " Do not worry; buy the unit and I will take care of you" pitch. Right!! most of them couldn't remember my name at the end of the 3 minute presentation and they are going to take care of my unit.Did I run into all the wrong sale people?
    I like to hear what the rest of the firefighting community is hearing, so please if you have any infro, post it or email it to

    till the next bell
    Tony Belair

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    jerseyfire Guest


    Iíve recently had the opportunity to see a few operators manuals from different thermal imaging cameras. I was disappointed by the amount of words stating what was not covered and what actions or conditions would void the warranty. Because I am the distributor for a camera in New Jersey, I will not name names, but Tony is dead on right with this post.

    There is a difference in cameras and companies that build and support them. Itís important that people take a good look at what the warranty covers as well as the camera performance. Ask the rep for a copy of the manual or for written warranty information.

    Hey manufacturers, lets get a survey of how long each cameras warranty is, whatís covered and what conditions or actions void them.


    Rob Donnan
    Captain, Metuchen FD
    President, Jersey Fire & Rescue

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